Why Some People Never Go FAT, Despite Eating So Much Food?

Published on: 26/06/18 9:18 AM

Why Can Some People Never Gain Weight?

secret of not gaining weight

We all have that friend “jo khata bohot ha par mota ni hota,” Agreed ?? And most of us have come across such people that are slim trim yet intense eaters. Whereas there are some people that barely eat but they grow fat. Why is this unjust happening to most of us?? India wants to know why are those eaters not growing fat while rest are spreading like a bedsheet in size. Here are some reasons that define why some people can never gain weight.

Proper Sleep


If a person is into the proper sleeping pattern and practices a schedule then such a person won’t go fat. As a regular schedule protects you from being FAT.

Maybe Due To A Genetic Factors

Intense Eaters genetic factors for growing fat

A person’s thin or fat status is governed from the genes itself. And is independent of the genes we inherent in us from our parents. The gain of weight in an individual is not possible if the duplication of chromosomes takes place. But when those chromosomes are absent in a person they gain weight and are more prone to obesity.

Absence Of Fat Enzyme

An enzyme called MGAT2 a digestive enzyme that metabolizes fat may be missing in some skinny persons. This enzyme transforms the fat molecules into energy or even store the same in form of fat but when this enzyme is absent it would prevent obesity.

A Medical Reason Involved

Medical Reasons - Never Gain Weight
Some people cant get fat as they have a medical reason behind their slim side. Health issues like- hyperthyroidism, nutritional disorders, and diabetes can stop a person from gaining weight, so its necessary to get your check up done on time to time basis.

Muscle Tissue Having Issue

Muscle Tissue Issues - Not Gaining Weight

If a person is more muscular they fat they tend to burn more calories irrespective of activity they perform. So a person sleeping more can also burn calories while sleeping. If you are the kumbkaran sleeper you will lose weight.
A person having an issue with muscle tissue won’t gain weight due to the presence of more muscle than fat content in a body. That’s the reason you get hurt when slapped by a thin person as their bone hurts bad if your hand gets banged into them.

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