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Why We Think La La Land Might Have Been Inspired From Om Shanti Om

Published on: 20/03/20 7:35 PM

Hollywood Movies Inspired by Bollywood

Tell us if this sounds familiar…perfectly synchronized dance numbers, catchy songs, loud and bright colors, extravagant sets, whimsical expressions….

Yes, something you’ll find frequently in any mainstream Bollywood movie (especially of Shah Rukh Khan). But ever since La La Land made history by bagging every major music as well as film awards in the West, we can’t help but notice a few too many similarities between this film and 2007’s blockbuster film ‘Om Shanti Om’.

No, we aren’t saying that La La Land has been copied from Om Shanti Om. Both the plots are completely different. But there are some other things in La La Land that make us believe that the writer of this film had probably got the inspiration to make a film on a love story against the backdrop of a film industry after watching ‘Om Shanti Om’.

Let’s list down the things that give us grounds for doubt:

La La Land Backdrop

Hollywood Movies Inspired By Bollywood - How La La Land is inspired from Om Shanti Om


The premise of both La La Land and Om Shanti Om is set against the art and business of film-production, and both tell the stories of dreams and hopes that get mushed between the two. It tells of two such dreamers who fall in love with each other against the make-believe of cinema.

Well, yeah, in Om Shanti Om, there is only one sided love between the lead protagonists. But still, love is in the air, all right.


We’re die-hard Hollywood as well as Bollywood fans, and we don’t say this about every film. In fact, we never say this about any two things.

So, trust us when we say that the tone of music in La La Land sounds eerily similar to the tone of music in mainstream Bollywood movies, especially Om Shanti Om.

Set design

Is it just us, or the pink and violet hued set designs set to resemble the landscape of Los Angeles look very similar to the painfully loud, multicolored sets of Om Shanti Om?


Not the song or moves, but the concept or idea behind every perfectly choreographed and synchronized dance number from La La Land seem copied from some or the other Bollywood film. Don’t they?

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