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Why you need to show your funny side at office, at once!

Published on: 28/01/20 8:35 AM

Casual business team laughing during meeting


Can’t have fun at work? Even for a little bit?

Chances are you are only derailing your climb up the professional ladder.

Sincerity and seriousness towards your work is fine, but every now and then, you need to turn your head and get into a fun zone.

Most people are apprehensive of being too happy-go-lucky, or anything that is opposite to extremely serious, in their workplace.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Humor is a very essential part of life. Since after an age we spend more time at office than anywhere else, it’s important to hold on to your humor. In an increasingly competitive and frustrating world, holding on to your sense of humor (the louder the better) is directly proportionate to holding on to your sanity.

Read on to find out how exactly humor helps your professional life:

1. Humor encourages collaboration, trust and rapport

Humor encourages collaboration, trust and rapport - Different Aspects of Fun At Work

A person who can never spare a laugh in the office usually finds himself alone when it comes to cooperation in projects.

But if you take some time out to greet everyone, show some sense of humor, it indicates that you are true of heart. That will prompt people to place their trust on you, and eventually you find people dying to collaborate with you.

2. Humor enhances perceived leadership skills.

Humor enhances perceived leadership skills - Funny Side at Work

When you become the person who is not afraid to have a laugh or two, people are drawn to you and start placing their trust on you. When so many people have a mutual friend in you, your chances of assuming a team leader position increases, as people see that this person is trusted by all, and therefore has a better chance of roping ‘em all in.

3. Humor increases ability to cope

Humor increases ability to cope - Office Humor helps build fun at work

When you are a person of fun, it is but obvious that you should have a lot of friends. People with more friends have a better chance of remaining happy. So, whenever you are in a sour mood or things aren’t going well, your friends can help you cope up in the face of adversity.

4. Humor increases productivity and reduces stress

Humor increases productivity and reduces stress - Funny Side at Work

Research has found that being humorous in the workplace helps you to make new friends and thus help you cope with your responsibilities and reduce your stress. When you are stress free, you are better able to contribute and thus, increase your productivity.

So laugh it up people. Make new friends at work. Talk to people who you’ve never talked to. And the best thing is, try to make others laugh as well.

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