Why You Should Definitely Watch Chinese Pixar Short Film-“Bao” With Your Family?

Published on: 3/07/18 9:13 AM

Why You and Your Overprotective Parent Should Watch Bao?

To the kids raised in an overly protective surrounding should make up their mind to watch this movie. This movie speaks about what a child face while being raised in such kind of circumstances. What a kid can share is-
Overly Protective Parents Suffocate Kid Sometimes“. And then the kid says it..!
“Why Mom? Why don’t you understand?”
“Stop being like this. I don’t like it.”
“Fine! I don’t want to live with you anymore. I am leaving.”

As we grow up we start realizing theirs a big gap between- what we believe? and What our parents feel about it?
And this conflict between overly protective parents and freedom seeing child divides the love. Initially when things were like- “Mom, I am afraid of sleeping alone. Can you please stay?”
Will change to- “I wanna sleep. Can you please go?” 

Director Domee Shi captured the real-life drama of Bao. It is a Chinese Pixar short film that will be screened before Incredibles 2. Here are some more of the stories that will make you watch this Chinese animated movie.

1. You’ll Be A Kid For Your Parents No Matter What Happens- “Tum kitne bhi bade ho jao, rahoge to humare bacche hi”


This statement speaks a lot about our parent’s reality as for them kids never grows up. From the time baby is born parents ensure they cherish every moment seeing the baby grow.

2. Parents Overprotectiveness can suffocate the child

Bao movies climax is a bit shocking as the little one start leaving the house and to stop him going, she eats him. It’s an animated movie that has a metaphor used to describe the parents’ love and warmth. That makes a child suffocated so much that the kid decides to leave the house.

3. Parents Biggest Nightmare is Watching Their Kid Find A Partner Who Is Opposite To Their Family Thoughts

Complex Parent Child Relationship Portrayed in Pixar Movie Bao

Bao is interested in dating an inter-caste and brings a girl that belongs to an inferior community. Its devastating for his mother as she fear to lose his son. At the end of the story, its proved that she was wrong about her as the girl was not a bad girl her mother later realized.

4. Parents fail Understanding That A Child also Suffers From Guilt.

Chinese Pixar Short Film Bao

It’s heart-breaking to watch your kid leave the nest but do you know the feeling is mutual. Majority of kids encounter guilt and pain when they start living away from home. Pixar’s short Bao draws a relationship shared by parents and kid. You can relate to it and so make sure your parents watch it too so that they are aware you won’t leave them.

Watch This  Beautiful Trailer Giving A Powerful Message-

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