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Will Sunil Grover Be Back On TKSS? What Happened When Kapil Visited His Home??

Published on: 17/07/17 10:52 AM

Comedy king Kapil Sharma is facing bad luck from last few months. The flight controversy of Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma the famous and beloved comedy-Jodi ended up with the worst news for their fans.

The break-up news of the duo gave a big disappointment to all their fans. But, hope is still alive in one corner of the heart that one day everything will be normal and we will see the duo together sharing the stage of TKSS.

is Sunil to be back on TKSS

It was very shocking and saddening news and we never expected that their friendship will reach at this point ever. Even fans tried a lot to induce them to re-join hands once again forgetting all sour things.

As we all know a few days back Kapil got fainted on the set due to stress and depression after which he came live on Facebook, where during the interaction with fans he got very emotional when fans asked him about Sunil’s coming back to the show, he said fans that he is like a brother to him and can join whenever he wants to.

is Sunil to be back on TKSS?

Well, it seems we will hear some good news soon. According to the report, Kapil visited Sunil’s house to sort out things between them. Even reports say that comedian wants Sunil back on the show. Hence, he decided to make a personal visit to Sunil.

Here’s what happened next; according to sources Kapil texts Sunil and asked him for a personal meet at his place. Later, when Sunil gave Green signal, Kapil visited Sunil’s home but it didn’t turn to be good. There was a lot of awkwardness and silence in the conversation hence it didn’t end well.

is Sunil to be back on TKSS

There was tongue-tied silence and they both hardly exchanged words. While we all are eagerly waiting for some positive news and hope everything between the two gets sorted. We can’t wait for more to see the two sharing stage of TKSS.

is Sunil to be back on TKSS

So, what do you think, will Sunil go back to the show and the best Jodi will come together to entertain us??