Wisest Characters in Animated Movies, Ranked

Published on: 12/03/20 7:38 PM

Wisest Characters in Animated Movies

Sometimes, wisdom comes from the most unexpected sources. One such unexpected source is definitely our animated movies.

It is a wonder how often precious pearls of wisdom have been uttered by characters in animated movies. The characters, the story and the situation may be fictional and in time, forgotten, but the truth in those words live forever.

Today, we take a look at some such characters who stole the show with their words of wisdom.

  1. Little Bo Peep (Toy Story 1, 2, 3)

By far the wisest of all Little Bo-Peep in our list -Toy Story Character - Animated Character

Historically she may be damsel in distress, but in Toy Story, she is the wisest of them all. We love the fact that Bo and Woody have a romantic equation amongst them, but she also acts as the voice of reason for Woody. Not only can she sense Woody’s insecurity of being replaced by a new toy, but she also explains to him that Andy loves him dearly.

  1. Crush (Finding Nemo)

Cool Sea Turtle Crush - Finding Nemo - Animated movies from pixar -Animated Character

He wasn’t just wise. He was COOL, DUDE!!! Crush may be a laid back hippie turtle, but he was the cool dad we wish we had. He had just the right parenting style: “Let’s see how he does flying solo.” But more than a cool dad, he was a great mentor, especially to Marlin. One conversation explained to him that you can never know when your kids have grown up. “But when they know, you know…you know!!! He was so cool, but probably never even realized just how much of an impact he made on Marlin.

  1. Mufasa (Lion King)

Everytime Mufasa soke we all had chills- Lion King -Disney pixar animated movies -Wise Animated Character

Do we need to explain how wise Mufasa was? Sure, he was killed by his cunning brother Scar. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that every time Mufasa spoke, we had chills running down our spine. Yes, maybe it was because of James Earl Jones’s deep baritone, or maybe because every line spoken by the great lion king felt like the voice of a true king. Oh, how I wish I could be a humble subject in Mufasa’s court, soaking in every drop of wisdom that he leaves in his rich voice.

  1. Grandpabbie (Frozen)

Magical Grandpabbie - Frozen - Animated Character with wisdom

Yes, we think he is wise, not only because he has magical solutions to all magical problems, but also because he knows stuff well beyond the territories of magic. Remember the scene when he cures Anna when she is accidentally struck on her head by Elsa? He removes memories of magic, but knowingly leaves out the memories of fun that Elsa and Anna had together. In fact, we never really understood why Elsa’s parents decide to isolate her from people, because he clearly told them that “There is great beauty in your powers, but also great danger.” He was actually advising Elsa to exercise her powers with caution. Clearly, he knew that such a great power should not be tamed.

 5. Rafiki (Lion King)

Rafiki is the quintessential wise sage - Lion King - Wisest Animated Characters

Rafiki is the quintessential wise sage who is not just wise and cool, he is also funny. He is the whole package. Being eccentric is just the icing on the cake. In Lion King, he is the one who tells Simmba that he is destined to be a king, no matter what. “Remember who you are”, something that resonates not just with lions and kings, but also people like us.

May you be gentle like Little Bo-Peep, cool like Crush, strong like Mufasa, knowledgeable like Grand Pabbie, and mysterious like Rafiki. May you be wise like all of them!

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