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Women Braids Mysteriously Chopped Off by Some Psychopath Roaming Free.

Published on: 6/08/17 10:09 AM

As soon as the man stepped back, the women fainted and after regaining her senses, she found her braid missing.

Recently, complaints have been lodged against some mysterious man who is chopping off women braids, also known as “chotee” in Hindi.

According to a report submitted by Indiatimes, this weird event started in Mewat, Haryana where several braids have been chopped off by some mysterious man. At least a dozen of cases has been reported in Mewat in the last two weeks



This madness has now spread to Delhi where similar events of women braids chopped off are being reported.



A 50- year old woman, Sunita Devi has reported in Gurgaon Police station of being one of the victims of the psychopath. According to the report, a strange man came to her doorstep but she asked him to go away. As soon as the man stepped back, the women fainted and after regaining her senses, she found her braid missing.



Though the process of the crime hasn’t been confirmed yet, the modus operandi happens to be the same in all the cases. Other victims have also admitted that they fell unconscious right before losing their braid.

Instead of multiple complaints and FIR, the psychopath is still at large.



On being asked enquired, the Gurgaon Police PRO Ravinder Kumar said the ”It is suspected that a gang of anti-social elements was behind such incidents. They want to terrify villagers and violate law and order situation and harmony of the district”.

ScoopWoop news digs deep into this and contacted the Gurgaon’s SHO of Sec V who oversees this investigation in Rewari. According to the officer in charge, these are all rumours spread by the uneducated women who are filled with superstitions and nothing else.

People have started spreading hoax news. Some people are claiming it to be the mischief of aliens while some are accusing of some paranormal activities going around.



To tackle the situations in the village, women are being asked to tie buns instead of braid. The women have started moving in groups to fetch water and fodder. Patrolling teams are being made by the villagers themselves. Male members of the families have divided into groups who would be patrolling the areas in two shift 24X7.




Be alert! Wouldn’t want to lose your braid, would you?


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