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Stand Upright For Her Respect Not Just Today But Every Single Day-Happy Women’s Day !!!

Published on: 8/03/18 5:59 PM

Women’s Shape Society So Its Time To Recognize Her Identity..!!

Happy International Women’s Day…!!!! to all beautiful ladies out there who have supported and stand upright in every role they performed. Being a woman is not easy as a girl transforms from being a baby to a fully grown up individual who is raised with principles that impact the world and people she interacts for good. Being a woman comes along with a bag of roles and responsibilities. Let’s read to feel proud of how dynamic creation is made by God in the name called “Women”.

1 – Role As a Daughter

Women as Daughter role in Society - Womens Day Special

Not many accept a girl’s birth as some have still not given her the acceptance she always deserved. Only a blessed parent get blessed with a birth of a baby girl as god puts her in hands of a king who can only raise her like a princess she actually deserves to be. As a Daughter, she leaves no stone unturned to make her parents proud of her. A daughter is not tension she is equal to ten-sons if you let her fly for the things she wish to do in her life.

2 – Role As a Lady

Recognize Womens Contribution on International Womens Day 2018

A girl well nurtured with principles and values since birth turns up to be a lady that raises a great family later. Women raised in values and ethics turn up to be priceless for the originality and principles she possesses. Respect her and accept her for her unique self and never try to cross her until you wish to know what it feels like playing with fire. Just because she holds principles doesn’t mean she has been raised in restrictions. It simply means she can’t accept something as she respects herself.

3 – Role As a Sister

Role of Women as Sister

A woman as a sister acts as the protective shield for each other as they are inseparable souls reciting in two bodies connected to one lyrics that play in two hearts. Sisters bonding is a proof that unconditional love that exists. They might annoy you, tease you, irritate you, steal your clothes but at the end they love you to the core. Women act as mother, guide, motivator, best friends, father as well as brother to you sometimes. They scold, they love, they care, they share, they fight too but most importantly their love for you will never end having an infinite boundary to care.

4 – Role As a Friend

International Womens Day - Remembering Role of Women as Friend

Women’s love being the person that helps they can’t see someone suffer as their motherly instincts drive them when they see someone in pain, so they end up caring for every person done the lane. As a friend, she is the heart of party who lifts up the mood with her jokes and humor bag she carries along. She will raise you if you fall, hug you when you are sad, motivate you if you fall but will never end up caring for people she loves in her heart. Never doubt her intentions as she will never cross you or hurt you until you disrespect her and don’t appreciate her presence in your life.

5-Role As a Girlfriend



It’s easy for men to fall for many and commit to every girl they see down the lane and never mean what they promise or say. While, on the contrary when a girl promises she means it and do everything to perform her best in every role she performs. A girl who can love even after being brutally hurt is strong women that deserve one man to fix her broken soul. A man who commits to one deserves to have a strong woman in life who will help him build an empire. She loves you if she accepts you despite your flaws and behavior. She will care for you even if you don’t reciprocate her care. Women never demands to care rather they deserve it from you, dear men.

6 – Role As a Wife

Women as Wife in role in Society - Womens Day Special

Being a woman is not easy especially when it comes to some traditions that say a girl has to vacant her parent’s house and live with a total stranger in a totally new family and city. It’s not easy to leave your nest behind and nurture new family like you do for your own. Only a girl can do that no men could ever sacrifice things and perks she gives up in the name of marriage. Women as a wife be your right hand that supports you, nurture your family, takes care, cooks for you, earns for you and protects your funds from being mis-utilised. Dear men, let her live a life of her own having a job that secure, let her follow her passion as she too had some dreams before she got married to you. So respect her and let her wings open to touch heights she always deserved in life.

7 – Role As a Mother

Womens Role as Mother in Society - Womens Day Special

Women are the best creation of God, as a result, God blessed them with the power of giving birth to a new life. We humans can deal only up to 45 del (unit) of pain but at the time of giving birth, a mother feels 57 del (unit) of pain which is similar to 20 bones being fractured in one shot. And we bet a guy can never take the pains to feel what a woman goes through. So respect the women who gave birth to you as she loved you even before you were born. Role of a mother is a full-time job which goes unnoticed and unappreciated by men of our society. So, if you actually wish to respect your mother and make her feel proud of giving birth to you. Dear men then never play with girls feeling and never make them cry. Real men don’t make girls cry and are trained to control themselves when a girl passes by, only then you can make your mother proud of giving birth to men like you not a monster who deserved to be killed in the womb itself.

8-Role Towards Society

Womens Day 2018 - Role of Women in Society

Women are active players in society these days as they aim “change in mindset” by setting themselves as an example to let men know they are not less than them in any form. A woman contributes not just with her actions but in every role she performs. From being an employee that aims growth of a company or being best colleagues. A strong woman is usually expressive and open about her opinion, as a result, she is judged and hated for wearing her heart on her sleeves. Strong women don’t fear judgments when she aims growth for a company and be an asset that very few could notice and admire. She is fearful when it comes to expressing her deepest expression or thoughts just because she aims well for everyone. But when you play with her you get to know how it feels like keeping your hands on fire and inviting karma to make you suffer for the pain you gave her.

9 – Role Towards Herself

Role Towards Her in Society - Happy Womens Day

A woman has “n” number of roles for every person she accompanies. But being a woman she has some roles for herself too. The list contains- taking care of one’s desire, dreams, happiness, and health too. From pampering yourself to loving yourself, from understanding yourself to forgiving yourself you be your best friend. You have a life, live it now girl, before you make someone’s life beautiful with your presence. Be the girl you always wanted to be and live life queen size. Chin up girl and stand upright if you ever fall to not let your crown fall.

10 – Role Being A Women

Role as Being a Women in Society - International Womens Day


As a woman, it’s your responsibility to set an example with your actions. do what you find is your calling as passion was given to you for a reason, so use it well. Your talent is god gift to you but what you do with it is your gift to the almighty. Don’t get married just because it’s your age, get married when you are actually ready for it. As every relation comes with some roles and responsibility. Find a man who has eyes just for you and who accept you for the real you and loves you for who you are on the inside. Don’t go for a man who compliments and aim these in a girl namely- looks, figure, face, color, clothes, demand for sex, or dressing as the person who seeks these can never love you for the real you. Stand by your principles and rule your world with your actions. Don’t settle for anyone,  wait for the man who actually deserve you, its all in the stars and it will make you bang into him soon. Embrace the beauty of being raised in arms of a king and a queen and rock your world with your unique self.

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