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Women Taking Selfie, End’s Up Damaging Antique Artworks Worth Rs. 1.28 Crores!!

Published on: 20/07/17 12:03 PM

Every another day we get to hear about an incident that happens while people trying to take Selfie. Technology has made our life easier. Youth are much more fascinated and connected to technology. But, just like other things it also has its own pros and cons.

People selfies craze over selfies has dragged their life in danger. Especially today’s youngsters are madder for selfies they go at any level and risk their lives. We have heard about people die while taking selfies and day by day figures are increasing.

Rs. 1.28 Crores selfie

Deadliest clicks on Railway track, near sea shore etc we are all have heard. But, what if you get to know about a selfie that cost Rupees 1. 28 crores to women?

Recently, an unfortunate incident happened with a selfie lover at the 14th Factory exhibition space in LA’s Lincoln Heights. A woman from LA was taking selfies ended up damaging unique artwork of worth Rs. 1.28 crores i.e $200,000.

Rs. 1.28 Crores selfie

While taking selfie the lady sat down on her knees and was misbalanced due to which the Hypercaine behind her got pushed and fell, following which entire row of Hypercaine of the Exhibition fall down. These were Simon Birch’s Artworks who hells from Hong Kong and some other International collaboration.

Rs. 1.28 Crores selfie

 Many expensive materials like marble, precious metals, scrap metal, nylon, etc. were used in making of those structures. As reported by, The Guardian, a concerned artist named Gloria Yu informed this to Hyperallergic, an art and culture site,

“Three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees. The approximate cost of damage is $200,000.”

Rs. 1.28 Crores selfie

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However, the lady’s selfie madness ended her in big nuisance.  We request you guys to be careful while taking selfies at such places or even avoid taking a selfie.

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