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World Record Holder, Sarayu River, Is Choking To Death

Published on: 13/11/18 9:41 AM

Reasons why world record holder river in India is getting polluted

The river of Ayodhya, Sarayu, which stands as a world record holder, where over three lakh “diya” or earthen lamps lit up simultaneously on its banks is now choking to death for a variety of reasons.

The news reports say that a few sadhus of Ayodhya are not at all happy with the health of the river. Media reports say that 20 small and big drains flow into the Sarayu. A Public Interest Litigation has also been filed in 2014 before the Lucknow Bench of the Allahabad High Court.

Reports say that the Sarayu, the lifeline of lakhs of people in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, is choking to death. According to a 2007 paper published in the Journal of Industrial Pollution Control, the river gets polluted while passing through the twin cities of Ayodhya and Faizabad due to the wastes discharged from different small-scale industries like rice mills, petroleum workshops, railway workshops, dairies, laundries, and cereal markets.

Sewage, hazardous wastes from hospitals and pathological labs are also discharged into the river. These municipal wastes are mostly responsible for the deterioration of water quality in the river, says the report.

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) report of 2016  shows that the river has fecal coliform in the range of 3,900 to 5,100 Most Probable Number or mpn/100ml, which is higher than the standard quantity of 2500 mpn/100 ml.

As per the recent data from the Union Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, people near Saran are still going for open defecation near the river.


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