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World’s First Biggest Heart To Be Preserved By A Museum. It’s Amazing Size Will Shock You!!

Published on: 10/07/17 6:17 AM

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A preserved heart of a giant blue whale has been unveiled by the mammologists at Royal Ontario Museum.

The heart which was roughly the size of a pony went on display on Thursday.


The heart was preserved by using a process known as Plastination

The big heart was taken out from the whale's body and was then preserved by a process called Plastination.

In plastination fats & water inside the heart is replaced by plastics.

After removing the blood from the heart & putting the steel mesh in it the weight of the heart remain 400 pounds only.

Steel mesh is put inside the heart in order to support the ventricles & thinner blood cells from being getting collapsed.

Jacqueline Miller, is a mammalogy technician at Royal Ontario Museum and has been working with the whale from the time it was discovered. She said that the plastinated heart is 'a thing of beauty'. Miller added that the size of the heart is smaller in size than as they had expected. The size was 5 feet by 5 feet by 4 feet which looks like pony.

How Plastination is done?


In the process of plastination, First, scientists remove all the water from the tissue, down to the cellular level. This is done by placing the heart in an acetone bath. Acetone bath is the same chemical used in nail polish remover.

Secondly they put the heart in a synthetic plastic or polymer bath

Finally the scientists put the whole tank of polymer in a vaccum chamber so that the remaining acetone would boil & bubble away.

Miller said "Fat is very hard to plastinate". The heart remained in this vacuum for more than four months. 

Miller referred the heart as 'Frankenheart' & said that ''We're  very, very proud,' since after preserving the heart, it could lasts as long as 1000 years.

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