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List Of World’s Laziest Countries Is Exposed & India’s Rank Is A Big Shocker!!

Published on: 18/07/17 12:53 PM

Every morning we cuddle in our bed and like to laze around. Daily Hustle-bustle lifestyle and in that laziness ‘tadka’ bring lots of health issues along with it. Who cares? But, now it’s time to think about it. It’s time to take a ‘steps’ or else we will get the tag of ‘Lazy’ that is not so far from us. Yes, World’s laziest countries list is out and it is what we haven’t expected.

Recently a group of scientist carried out a research using smart phone data to find out the most active and the laziest countries across the world. The research was conducted on around 700,000 people around the world. They used the phone data to see how much steps people took daily. And the list of the research is out!! This list is an eye opener for us as we like to be lazy but not the word ’lazy’ to be called.

Laziest Country in The World List

The country who stood in the lead is the most healthy country is Hong Kong, where its citizens take an average step of 6,880 every day.

Laziest Country in The World List

While Indonesia successfully acquired the bottom position with 3513 steps.

Laziest Country in The World List

Though, India came up in the top ten list of ‘The Laziest Countries’. India ranked at 8th position with 4,927 steps. Just 7 step far from being the laziest country in the world.

Laziest Country in The World List

Other active countries: China stood on 2nd position with 6189 steps, Ukraine on 3rd with 6107 steps, Japan on 4th with 6010 steps and Russia occupied the 5th position with 5969 steps.

Here is top 10 active countries list:

Laziest Country in The World List

Here is top 10 laziest countries list:

Laziest Country in The World List

While in India men walk more than women and that is quite shocking. Men walk 4606 steps and women walks 3684 steps per day. Researcher’s told the BBC that “the bigger the gap between the two sets of people, the more obese people who lived in the country.”

Scott Delp, a professor of bioengineering, who worked on the study published in the journal Nature, told the BBC, “The study is 1,000 times larger than any previous study on human movement.”

Laziest Country in The World List

“There have been wonderful health surveys done, but our new study provides data from more countries, many more subjects, and tracks people’s activity on an ongoing basis. This opens the door to new ways of doing science at a much larger scale than we have been able to do before.”

It is very sad to see India in Laziest country category. Now it’s time for India to take ‘Step and become more active. What is your opinion?? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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