Wow! This New Technology Of Increasing Train Frequency In Mumbai Sounds Amazing!!

Published on: 7/05/18 4:18 PM

Train Service Would Now Increase From 16 To 24 Per Hour!

Suburban train services in Mumbai is now heading towards change. As the railways are planning to install a “New Signaling Technology.” The former technology will help in reducing the gap between two trains, that will ultimately increase the frequency of train services. With the help of Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) technology, the increased of train services from 16 to 24 per hour, is possible.


As this technology can judge the distance from the previous train and ensure safe placement of train by judging the braking distance as well. Under the Mumbai Urban Transport Project III, this technology is introduced by The Mumbai Railway Vikas Corporation (MRVC). Last week itself, Railway board has received a Detailed Project Report (DPR).

A Senior Railway Official Said-
“The present Mumbai suburban railway technology is a fixed block that makes use of colors — red, yellow, orange and green (for movement and stoppage of the suburban train running). CBTC is an automatic technology that calculates the speed and braking distance.
The technology in the trains would be able to judge the distance of the preceding train and adjust their position, accordingly ensuring safety.”

This technology is used in Delhi and Mumbai metro. The railways are planning to reduce the gap between two trains. That will ensure availability if the train in every 2.5-2.75 minute and not 3-3.6 minute as working currently. Suburban passengers have now increased to 28 million. Daily train services for the central and western railway of 2873, stands unaffected.

According to senior railway officials-
CBTC will relax peak-hour crowds in trains
and switch commuting traffic from roads to rail.
“We plan to implement this technology on the harbor line of CR first.
The present headway on the harbor line is 3.5 minutes. As many as 15 trains operate every hour on this line between Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and Panvel. After CBTC, the number could increase to 24.”


In next four years, MRVC finds this new technology called CBTC, capable of reducing the passenger density from 5400 passengers to 4800 passengers per 12 car train. Mumbai suburban trains witness ten deaths every day. The reason for death remains unchanged as people die on falling from an overly crowded local train. Can you guess what would have been the cost of the project? The total cost of implementation of this project amounts to Rs. 5700crores.

A Senior Railway Official
Added Saying- “CBTC can be easily overlaid on the existing system. Existing railway traffic would not be affected and operational safety would be
ensured. It will be done in two phases.”

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