What Is Wrong With Corporate Culture In A Country Like INDIA?

Published on: 6/08/18 12:22 PM

Corporate Culture For Employee Benefits Or
Is it Just About Company Benefits?

Indian Work Culture

To understand the concept of corporate culture lets first understand what exactly is a corporate culture that is ruling the country like India. Why are talented youth leaving India and causing a brain drain in India? As the deserving ones are not valued for being good enough and rather overbored with more roles and responsibilities. So India lacks in terms of corporate culture as they have modified the definition that fits beneficial to them.
Corporate Culture-  It refers to the shared values, attitude, standards, and beliefs of an organization. It is a set of ethics and values followed by a company to manage its employees”.

Let’s Know Why India Lack Behind In Terms Of Corporate Culture-

Sitting Late

Corporate Culture Quotes - Dr. A.P.J Kalam

An employee is termed valuable only if you sit back and don’t leave the office when its time. An employee that stays back late in office is loved by bosses. While a person that completes the task on time and leaves office on time is hated for being time committed. A less efficient person leaves office early while the efficient ones stay back after office hours.

Don’t Be Real It Might Hurt Sentiments


The Worst part at workplace followed in the name of corporate culture is you have to stay under shell else you might be boycotted for being real.  Being real hurts sentiments of people sitting on the higher level of the hierarchy that might not take your suggestion thinking their experience is above your level of understanding.



Commitment means an employee is supposed to meet company commitments while the company is not liable to do the things they committed to the employee.



A person working all day for a company is treated as an asset of the company. While a person not ready to compromise family life is considered immature in the era of the corporate world. You are expected to receive phone calls at odd hours as well, who cares if you have a personal life as well.



You can only befriend friends that are marked acceptable by your bosses. Else you are red circle for the next fire on plotted grounds for not understanding boss and his choices.

Big Egos


If you dared to cross the boundaries or point out your boss that your senior staff is taking more salary but is not working as per the salary they take from the company. Know that you have committed a big crime.


Business Work Ethics - India Buzz News

What are hikes, they are nothing more than pointing fingers saying- “what have you done for the company, that we should consider you for a hike?” The salary you receive is inversely proportionate to the work you do for the company

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