WTF!! This Mumbai Beggar Owns an Apartment in Mumbai of Worth Rs. 80 Lakh

Published on: 7/07/17 8:45 AM


You daily come across many news and story but we bet you that, this story of Mumbai beggar will hit you hard.  Yes!! You will be shocked after knowing that this Mumbai beggar is the richest beggar in India.  As we all know Mumbai is fast city and so the richest Mumbai is that they are keen in doing street charities. We Indian are very social and sentimental that whenever we came across poor beggar we feel bad and hand them few bucks.

Meet Bharat Jain, he begs in Mumbai streets near Azad Maidan or Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus. Daily he begs for around 8 to 10 hrs and earns near about 2,500 rupees. Which is approx. 75000 Rs a month, isn’t it? It means he earns more than the average salary of Chief Minister in India.

It’s really shocking to know that when Dr. Rafiuddin conducted a survey and after two years he said In India begging is Rs. 200 crore business.

This doesn’t end here, you will we surprise after knowing that Jain also owns a Two neighboring 1 BHK apartments in Parel Mumbai, that is worth Rs. 80 lakh. Other than these apartments he also owns a shop at Bhandup.  And it is rented out for Rs. 10,000/ month. We know it’s hard to digest but, Yeah! It’s true.

Jain is happily married with two sons who are studying in class XII and X. Jain lives in a joint family along with his brother and father in the same apartment.

Don’t you think this profession has much better scope than ours? Share your views with us.


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