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WTF ! This 41 Year Old Auto Driver Raped A Dog For Three Days

Published on: 16/09/17 3:33 PM

O Jesus! Even Animals Aren't Safe Now.

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Rapes is a matter of common issue in India. But when shall people decide not to create such havoc incidents anymore? Some horrific pleasures of men are not only making the Girls to suffer but many other animals too. A few days back, a news came up about a dog being raped in Delhi and was dumped in a sack, this time, a new incident at Mumbai has reached to another level. This Time it is a 41 Year Old Auto Driver who has expressed his pleasures by Raping A Dog For Three Days!

Yes, an auto driver from Chembur has been arrested after CCTV footage clearly showed him taking a dog inside the toilet and then bringing her back in a raped situation. The incident happened in Chembur. The 41-Year-old Ram Naresh sexually assaulted the dog over the three days in the last week. Well, we all are shocked to see such incident happening in India. But if you wish to see it as well, here is the CCTV footage of it.

The CCTV footage clearly shows that the man is doing such activities at the night. In fact, it is seen at the Common Toilet of a Complex. 

But how did he get to know about this? More searches have come up which has shown that Ram Naresh was an Auto Driver at the morning time and a Security Guard at the Night time. 

The people around have heard some strange noises of a dog crying at late night for the past few days. This is what led Ashmita Deshmukh, the secretary of the Complex to view the CCTV footage. 

But, when she checked it, she found that the man has constantly raped a dog for three days in the Night.


The Senior Police of the Chembur Police Station was called and he came up saying that, "We arrested the guard on Friday after filing a first information report (FIR) under section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) (for carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal), after local residents and animal activists filed complaints with us about the issue."


The Police Submitted Ram Naresh to the court a couple of days back when he was sentenced to Jail. He is currently in custody. Though the man has been punished for his activities, the question is, when shall this stop in our country?

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