You Can Be A Human Lie-Detector And Can Guess When Someone Is Lying To You..!!

Published on: 26/06/18 1:39 PM


Its Easy To Detect A Lie With These Obvious Tricks..!!


How many of you say they have never met a liar in their life? Anyone? No one will say it, as we all have met someone in our life that lie more than they actually speak..!! Here are some sure tricks to catch a person that dares to lie to you. Luckily there are some signs that can help us in detecting those lies.

Repetation Of Words Or Phrases


A person that is into lying has tamed himself or herself against detection of truth. But it can be detected. When you see a person continuously repeating a word or a phrase know they are trying to convince themselves and you about the definition of truth. If a person keeps saying “it’s not their mistake” over and over again, just know it’s their mistake that they are still not ready to accept and admit.

Breathing Pattern


When someone is lying to you, their breath goes heavy and are unable to speak with fluency. Not only the breath but their shoulders will also rise just like their voice. They go out of breath as their blood pressure rises and heart rate increases.

Head Position


When a direct question is put to the plate such people tend to make a sudden head movement.  The popular head movements include- jerked back, down head, or tilted head to one side. This movement of the head will usually happen when that person is asked to respond.

Too Much Information…


When a person starts sharing extra information with you that is not even requested by you, affirm yourself that there is something you still need to know. Too much information is nothing but a misguided and unwanted share of information that will only mislead you.

Body Language


It’s easy to catch a lie all you need to do is pay close attention to their gesture and not their words. Liars hide their hands as it’s not easy for them to face others. So while expressing their lie you’ll find their hands hidden and will be nervous about in-depth introspection about that matter.

Stand Still


Not necessarily a liar will go nervous when convincing you with their lie. Because some people are so confident about presenting the truth, they freeze and do not move at all. Such a person is seen standing still do not forget the story they just created to protect themselves from admitting the truth that they are the”party at fault”.

Tapping Feet


Tapping feet is usually a symbol that makes it evident that the liar is in front of you. such a person go uncomfortable and nervous at the same time that makes them tap feet to calm themselves down. It simply shows that the person wants to end the discussion and walk away.

Covering Mouth


If you find a person covering their mouth while speaking just kudos yourself for detecting a liar standing in front of you. A liar cant deal with the situation so to make themselves comfortable in a situation they are seen putting hands on their mouth while speaking that lie.

Speaking Gets Difficult


When you practice lie in your speech you tend to find difficulty in speaking. Saliva flow decreases when you are nervous about the expression of truth, you hide with that lie. A person lying to you fails to communicate with you as they go short of words and fail at keeping their story real.



A person expert in lying knows it already that if they withdrew ye contact their lie would disclose. So to maintain the lie they keep eye contact with the person they are lying to convince them they are right. But they usually get caught red-handed when the go extra miles for maintaining that eye contact. And that’s the place they fail bad and get caught by the live lie-catcher that catches lies despite being human and not a lie-detector machine.

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