You Can Know Someone’s Personality Based on Their Hands..!!

Published on: 22/07/18 11:41 AM

Do you know what is your personality basis your fingers? Your lead hand palm, as well as fingers, reflects your business and personal qualities. And fingers define how you behave with your dear ones. Are you a left-handed or right-handed person? If you write with your right hand then your right hand is the STRONGER hand and vice-versa. The hand that is dominant in expression while writing is your stronger hand.

Know Your Strong And Weak Finger?

A finger is strong when its long, straight and independent. If it’s leaning towards another finger it’s your weak finger. Very few might be knowing that your fingers have a meaning that was never told you before?

Meaning on each fingers in hand

To help you understand better. If your thumb and index finger are stronger in your lead hand, then you are a strong, shrewd character who strives for success. You can clearly have more than one strong finger.

1. Shape Of Fingers Also Speaks About Your Personality Traits

Shape of Fingers and Personality of Person

1.1 Square-Shaped

A person having square-shaped fingertip you tend to be precise by action. And dislike uncertainty as you can’t stand non-execution of plans.

1.2 Round-Shaped

If you have round shaped fingertips you strive for peace in life and such a person is usually quite in nature. You aim for peace in life as you hate conflicts. Moreover, you fear disapproval so you barely share your opinion as you fear not getting accepted by others.

1.3 Sharp-Shaped

A person having sharp-shaped fingertip tend to dislike the practical activity as they are more inclined towards theoretical knowledge.

1.4 Shovel Shaped

If you possess a shovel-shaped fingertip you tend to appreciate the ordinary not extraordinary. As you can’t face the truth that you chase an ordinary life over an extraordinary one.

2. Space Between Fingers

Finger shape palmistry

Place your hand on a flat surface area or even a white blank page to seek through the gaps of your fingers. Carefully look through the gaps of your fingers to know more about your own self.

2.1 Independent And Experimental

If your fingers are wide apart from each other you tend to be “Independent as well as Experimental by Nature.” Fewer people are like you and for most experimenting is the biggest fear whereas for some its the sole passion.

2.2 Hard To Influence

Do you know if your ring finger and middle finger are apart you tend to be “headstrong as you are hard to influence”? Such a person fulfill their goals without bothering about the world and their opinion.

2.3 You Live Up To Expectation

If all your fingers have an equal gap you tend to “live up to social expectation by following the law and order.” For you what society expects from you- matters.

2.4 Careful and Intelligence

If you have an equal gap between fingers you tend to be “independent thinker that is adventurous and jovial by nature”. You tend to be careful as well as an intelligent one that is seen coaching others life decision.

2.5 You Avoid Serious Discussion

If your little finger and middle finger is apart you tend to avoid serious decision be it your work or personal life.

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