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You Won’t Be Single Anymore, The “Facebook Dating” Service Will Help You In Finding Your Best Match

Published on: 2/05/18 2:14 PM

How Facebook Dating App Works

April was not quite an enjoyable month for Facebook’s CEO “Mark Zuckerberg”. He was busy in explaining why Facebook did not steal people’s data. The videos are out on the internet that you can check if you like to see Zuckerberg in tension.

Though the last month was pretty frightening for FB, they started May with some big announcement. Zuckerberg was speaking at Facebook’s annual developer conference. He announced some great changes in the Instagram app, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, etc. The “Facebook Dating” feature was the center of attraction for everyone. Facebook is going to offer free dating service and on the same platform. It is a frightening news for online dating companies. Only the Facebook users would be getting excited now.

No need to switch the platform for dating

There are numerous dating apps now. Millions of people use those apps to hook up with their ideal match. These datings apps have helped thousands or probably millions of people in turning into couples. These apps are in trouble now.

Facebook will quickly introduce “Facebook Dating” feature in its app. Mark Zuckerberg introduced this feature in SAN JOSE, Calif. Facebook’s new dating app will help people in building long-lasting relationships. It is not just for hookups. So, get ready to meet singles who match the best with your profile because there are millions of singles.

The Facebook Dating feature will be on the FB app and it is a completely optional feature. Anybody who wants to start dating, can create a dating profile on facebook and start meeting the best matches. This is how Facebook is going to ruin the market of online dating companies. At the same time, it is going to make dating much easier for all the 2.2 billion Facebook users.

Should you worry about your safety and privacy now?

Zuckerberg introduces Facebook Dating App

Many people might be thinking that it is another attempt to collect the user data. Well, it is not because it is an optional feature. Facebook is committed to protecting your data. It has taken all the safety measures to assure no data breach will take place in the future.

When it comes to the Facebook Dating feature, nobody in your contact will be able to see your dating profile. You can keep it a secret while trying to meet a beautiful girl or a handsome guy. Facebook Dating will suggest only those people who are not your friends. These individuals will be chosen on the basis of your opted preferences.

Who is in trouble now?

It is obvious that online dating companies are in big trouble now. Facebook’s annual developer conference has turned into a frightening event for them. Facebook may launch that dating app within a few days or months. Millions of FB users will sign up and use this app to find their perfect match. The number of users will quickly reduce on other dating sites. Eventually, many dating sites may go out of business. So, the dating companies are in big trouble but not the Facebook users.

It is going to be a great experience for many people who never tried online dating before. Facebook is promising to maintain your privacy. That’s why there is nothing to worry about your privacy.



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